Monday, March 28, 2016

First Baptist Church Records

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The First Baptist Church Records collection provides online access to a selection of digitized records from the First Baptist Church of Muncie ranging from circa 1870 to 2014. The collection contains newsletters; pastor records including biographies and installation programs; photographs of church buildings, pastors, staff, members, groups, and events; and architectural drawings, building specifications, and other construction records for the third church building located at 309 E. Adams Street in downtown Muncie.

The First Baptist Church of Muncie was established in 1859 and first met at the Delaware County Courthouse. In 1862, the congregation moved to its first church building on the corner of Jackson and Jefferson Streets. During the gas boom, the congregation’s membership rapidly increased and in 1890 a second church building was constructed at the southwest corner of Charles and Jefferson Streets. By 1900, the church’s membership had grown to nearly 500 and an annex was added to the church building. The third church building, located at the corner of Adams and Jefferson Streets, was completed in 1929 under the leadership of Pastor William Graham Everson.