Friday, March 28, 2014

Kibele and Garrard Architectural Records

The Kibele and Garrard Architectural Records online collection represents architectural drawings, photographs, and manuscripts created by architects Cuno Kibele (1866-1927) and Carl W. Garrard (1889-1981) who worked in Muncie, Indiana, and the surrounding area from 1895 to 1975. Their firm, known as Kibele & Garrard, built many of Muncie’s finest residential, commercial, academic, and civic buildings, and the collection reflects their wide range of commissions. The Kibele & Garrard firm was responsible for the bulk of the collection, although Kibele practiced on his own prior to the partnership and Garrard continued the practice after Kibele’s death. A few projects in the collection, most notably the Wysor Grand Opera House by Henry W. Matson in 1891, were drawn by other firms and likely given to Kibele & Garrard at a later date.

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