Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Muncie City Improvement Resolutions Collection

The Muncie City Improvement Resolutions digital collection includes city ordinances, resolutions, and other records from the City Clerk's office in Muncie, Indiana ranging from 1891-1922 regarding street, alley, sidewalk, and sewer improvements in the city and surrounding areas.
The collection will be of interest to researchers examining the history of a wide variety of local government and city planning topics including the development of Muncie's infrastructure in specific locations, community support for and opposition against proposed infrastructure changes, and trends in city infrastructure development at the turn of the Twentieth Century. Maps documenting the names of property owners and the location of their property impacted by infrastructure development will be of particular interest to researchers trying to identify property ownership in specific areas of Muncie.

Alley between Walnut St. and Mulberry St, from Gilbert St. to North St.
This collection can be searched by keywords and linked metadata fields that allow quick access to related material within the collection. To return results for all items within a particular folder of the print collection or all items related to particular resolution number:
1. Enter a keyword search.
2. Select a search result that matches your research need.
3. Scroll down the page to the metadata fields in red font.
4. Click on the linked metadata to the right of the "Folder Name" or "Resolution Number" field.
(Please note that the "Resolution Number" field only appears when a resolution number was assigned to a particular document and does not appear for all items in this collection.)
This online collection includes digital copies of the entirety of the Muncie City Improvement Resolutions collection in Archives and Special Collections.