Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Attention Civil War Enthusiasts!

The Digitial Media Repository recently added two new subcollections to the U.S. Civil War Resources for East Central Indiana!

The J.W. Brant Civil War Diary includes extractions he wrote while serving in the Army from August 6, 1862 through November 30, 1863. It also includes a list of expenses possibly written by flora Brant in January 1880. An excerpt of the diary is pictured above.

The Delaware County Civil War Records includes records maintained by Delaware County from 1861 to 1890 related to the awarding of bounties to area soldiers who enlisted in the Union army. Among the bounty records are applications, certificates, checks, transfers, confirmations, and mustering lists produced by the regiments. This substantial addition to the collection deposited 3,878 (!) items for the delight of Civil War buffs everywhere. Below is an image of one of the many bounties paid out by Delaware County.