Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Muncie and Delaware County Historic Photograph Collections

The Muncie and Delaware County Historic Photographs digital collection includes images ranging from the late 19th century to the 21st century documenting the history of "Middletown" and the lives of early community members. The collection has recently doubled in size with the addition of 20 additional archival photograph collections.

Pictured right is an example from the collection, depicting teacher Rob Black with students from Beech Grove school circa 1904-1905.

The new collection are listed below. Visit the collection to view these additions!

Anderson Street Elwood, Indiana Postcard
C. A. Ralls Photographs
Delaware County Schools Photographs
Field Hockey Team Photograph
Frank Ellis Photograph
Goddard Home Photograph
Horse Driven Hearse Photograph
M. Green Photographs
Muncie High School Photographs
Muncie Post Office Photographs
Muncie Presbyterian Church Photograph
Muncie Washington School Photographs
Old Eden Christian Church Photograph
Old People`s Day, Gaston, Indiana Photographs
Parker-Moore Cemetery Photographs
Ralph Shaffer Photograph
Rarick Family Photographs
Settlers of Delaware County Photographs
Studebaker Family Photograph
Walburn Family Photographs

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Muncie Times Collection Expanded

The Muncie Times Newspaper digital collection in the DMR was recently expanded by 69 issues/2822 pages, bringing the online archive current up to December, 2010. The issues are completely full-text searchable and cover recent topics such as the Kwanzaa celebration, the passing of Selma, Indiana educator Alan Kent Garringer, and Forbes Magazine naming Mrs. Obama the world's most powerful woman.
The timing of this expansion coincides nicely with the newest Archives and Collections exhibit, running February 7-April 1, 2011: The Muncie Times: 20 Years of Service to theAfrican-American Community.