Friday, July 2, 2010

2010 Beginnings Art Exhibition in the DMR

Items from the Beginnings art exhibition, on display through July 10th in the BSU Art and Journalism Building, were digitized and made available through the Digital Media Repository's Ball State Student Art digital collection.

Pieces were photographed using state of the art equipment and metadata records were created for each item, making the artworks are searchable and accessible in an online format. View the items here. Pictured right is Figure Study (Contour of Varied Width) by Shane Eagan.

"Beginnings is an annual exhibition of student artwork completed in the first year of study. The foundation courses represented are Drawing I and II (figure drawing) and Foundations I (2-D design) and II (3-D design). These courses concentrate on media exploration and technique, the elements and principles of composition, the applied and theoretical use of color, developing a command of an artist’s vocabulary, and defining a meaningful context for visual expression" (,1361,--28318,00.html). The exhibitions are free and open to a general audience.