Friday, January 9, 2009

Rotating Videos in Educational Resources Realia Collections

This Zulu Witch Doctor Doll video is a frame-by-frame example of a 3D Rotating Video included in the Digital Media Repository. These videos, assembled using VRWorx software, allow us to show 3D objects from all sides. In the DMR, users can control the rotation speed, zoom in, and zoom out in the video.

The DMR contains digital representations of several "realia" items from University Libraries Educational Resources. Realia refers objects used by educators in order to teach students about world cultures, science, music, and other real-world concepts. The DMR contains Dolls, Fossils, Musical Instruments, and more. To view all the realia collections, Browse Collections and sort by Format. Click on 3D Objects. These are only a sampling of what's available for checkout from Educational Resources.