Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Muncie Economic Development Oral Histories Use Embedding Technology

The Muncie Economic Development Oral Histories, also known as Muncie's Response to Economic Change: An Oral History, includes oral history interviews with local civic and business leaders involved in past and current efforts to address long-term economic change in Muncie and Delaware County, Indiana.

It is a subcollection of the larger Middletown Digital Oral History Collections, which is comprised of over 200 audio and corresponding transcript files embedded together on the same page. Embedding the PDF transcript was easy--that functionality comes standard with the latest version of CONTENTdm. However, we wanted to have the audio and transcript in the same window so that users could listen and read along at the same time.

The resulting interface allows users to just that. Read Budi Wibowo's article on how to embed the audio player here on page 8 of Library Insider Vol. 6 Iss. 12.